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  • Church Of The Nazarene
  • 1008 W. Erwin
  • McKinney , TX. 75069
  • Richard Wycoff - Pastor
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  • Dear Paul,

    It has taken me much to long to respond to your family's visit to our church, but such rich ministry deserves some special recognition.

    I have never before or since invited a music group to our church that I had not heard or which was highly recommended to me by someone I trusted. God encouraged me to break my normal rules when your letter of interest in coming to our church crossed my desk before your first visit with us. How glad I am that you came.

    Several things stand out in my mind. The spirit of your ministry would be attractive and blessed even if the talent were not strong. The fact is that you are strong in both, and it includes your children as well as yourselves.

    The original songs which come from your family, especially Debra and John, have great spiritual depth and power. The arrangements and accompaniments are excellent. You combine great lyrics with varied country, traditional, and contemporary style. Alice and I are both musicians (Master's degrees), and we are always impressed.

    As a pastor I am impressed with your ability to communicate. You present a strong message of holiness in a very unique way. I can trust you completely in the service to be theologically sound. Your emphasis on making holiness work at home in the family is needed today.

    Your willingness to come to a small church is very precious to me. I really believe God sets your appointments and you seek His guidance in this. This time your being here was at a critical time in the life of our church. We were able to have a number of new people from our community in the service. It helped us in our ministry to them and was a great faith builder for our people.

    Please put us in your schedule again, and soon, if God would lead you to do so. May God bless you all as you serve Him.


    Richard Wycoff

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  • Moundville Church Of The Nazarene
  • P.O. Box 36
  • Moundville, AL. 35474
  • Kevin Angel, Pastor
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  • Dear Fox Family:

    Greetings to you from Moundville, Alabama in the name of our Lord.

    It's been a couple of years since we've been together. The last time was in Tavares, Florida at the Church of the Nazarene. You ministered to the congregation there twice while I was the Pastor and you made a lasting impression on me, as well as the people.

    I realize that you rely on the Lord to direct you to the churches in which you minister, but I thought I would ask you anyway if you were planning on being in our "neighborhood" anytime in the future. Moundville is located about 15 miles South of Tuscaloosa on Highway 69. We would be privileged to have you any day of the week.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and trusting that the Lord will work things out according to His perfect will. If it's helpful, my e-mail address is: *Contact us for e-mail address* In the meantime, I pray God's continued blessings on your ministry and family.

    Sincerely in Him,

    Kevin Angel

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  • Main Disctrict Church Of The Nazarene
  • P.O. Box 6550
  • Scarborough, ME. 04070-6550
  • Rev. Roland E. Dunlop, Disctrict Superintendent
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  • To Whom It May Concern:

    It is with great appreciation for The Fox Family that I write this letter of recommendation.

    I have known this family for over 20 years and have had them minister to my congregation on several occasions. Also I have been privileged to be ministered to in several churches on our district while attending their concert.

    This talented family has a wonderful way of singing and sharing the Gospel that reaches many hearts. Their music and choice of songs speak to every age and bring hope to everyone that hears them. People in the congregation can identify with the struggles and miracles that the Fox Family have experienced. The Holy Spirit has moved my heart many times in their services and concerts.

    Whether they are singing before a large congregation or ministering to a small church, their program and ministry is just the same to both. Several smaller churches on our district have been blessed by their willingness to come. This tells me that they are in this ministry for the needs of people and not for a place to perform.

    Any church that would have the Fox Family will be greatly blessed and your people will move toward Christ in many areas of their lives.

    I am pleased to recommend Dr. Paul Fox and his wonderful talented family without any reservations. If your church has had them for a service, I know you will want them back. If your church has not had them, schedule them as soon as you can while they are touring the State of Maine.

    His and yours,

    Roland E. Dunlop District Superintendent


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  • Timberlake Church Of The Nazarene
  • Post Office Box 960068
  • Riverdale, GA. 30296
  • Dale Taylor, Pastor
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  • To Whom It May Concern:

    Paul Fox and his extended family are choice, sincere, talented servants of God.

    Their demeanor, and spirit tell that prayer is the foundation of their ministry.

    Every time, the Holy Spirit "leads" them our way, people seem to get lasting spiritual help. Their "fruit" within my ministry is "fruit" that remains.

    I give them highest recommendation for ministry with a significant "spiritual" impact.

    Dale Taylor

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  • Warren Woods Church Of The Nazarene
  • 14300 Thirteen Mile Road
  • Warren, MI. 48093
  • Dennis Wegner, Church Music Director
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  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to recommend the Fox Family singers to you. They ministered in our worship service and were a real blessing to our congregation.

    They are a very talented family with a great ability to minister. Their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is evident in their ministry, as they blend their talents with their commitment and love for the Lord.

    Without reservation, I recommend this family to you. They will be a blessing to your Congregation

    Dennis Wegner Minister of Music

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  • First Church Of The Nazarene
  • 1616 59th Street West
  • Bradenton, FL. 34209
  • Dr. L. Thurl Mann, Senior Pastor
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  • Dear Friends:

    We still remember, with fondness, your service with us at First Church of the Nazarene in Bradenton, Florida.

    The entire family, involved in Christian ministry, was a distinct blessing and encouragement to many families in our church.

    May God continue to use the Fox Family across this land as you continue in your calling.

    In His easy yoke,

    L. Thurl Mann Senior Pastor

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  • First Church Of The Nazarene
  • 1521 North Main
  • Sikeston, MO. 63801
  • John Bouldrey, Pastor
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  • Dear Brother Paul,

    What a wonderful time we had in worship with you and your family on the 9th of this month. I am still seeing the effects of God's work through your ministry to us. I especially enjoyed your humble spirit as God used you and your family in a wonderful ways.

    It is impossible for me to know to what extent your ministry has effected our total congregation. However, I have a specific example of one lady who has been struggling for months with a family problem which she blames herself for. She has told us that it was that service you were here she went to the altar as you asked, "Do you want God to make you different?" There at the altar she was finally able to give Christ this problem and found God faithful to help His children. She has since showed the joy of the Lord again and the confidence that God has everything under control. In response to her obedience she received a call from her estranged married daughter, who lives here in town, that she and her boys will be there for Thanksgiving.

    I know I have shared just one example but have heard from several what a great encouragement to the entire congregation your music was as well as the spoken words between the songs.

    Thank you again for your ministry. Our people are still asking, "We are going to have them back sometime aren't we?" May God bless you richly is our prayer.

    I am In Christ,

    John Bouldrey

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  • Rising Sun Church Of The Nazarene
  • 2626 Tome Highway
  • Colora, MD. 21917
  • Richard A. Moore, Pastor
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  • Dear Dr. Fox:

    Our Church Board would like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Paul Fox and his family. Their music program was very enjoyable. Most of all we were impressed by his children's attention and desire for evangelism to occur. We would love to have them back whenever they are in our area.

    Trying to please Christ,

    Richard A. Moore Pastor Lucille M. Jadwin Church Board Secretary

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  • Watertown First Church Of The Nazarene
  • 535 Thompson Blvd.
  • Watertown, NY. 13601
  • Geoff DeFranca, Pastor
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  • Dear Paul:

    As I write to you images of your time with us come to my mind. What a powerfully anointed time it was! The Holy Spirit was evident in and through the Fox Family ministry team. Your love for God and His church, as well as your burden for unsaved souls, was so genuine.

    One of the aspects of your ministry that dovetailed so well into the spirit of our church was the way in which you bridged the generations. Every individual, regardless of their age, sensed the joy of worship, the validity of testimony and the depth of anointing that is part of the Fox Family. Thanks you so much for being you.

    I rejoice in how God has used you and your family over the years. I truly believe He has and will continue to use you in incredible ways. I look forward to a time in the future when we can be together again. Give our love and regards to everyone.



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  • First Church Of The Nazarene
  • 1604 S. Medford
  • Lufkin, TX. 75901
  • Robert L. Bush , Pastor
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  • Dear Paul and family,

    Greetings in the matchless Name of our Savior! Isn't God good?

    Was good to hear from you recently, and receive update that God is continually blessing in your services all over the country. But then, what else ought we expect! Your very reason for existence as ministers of the Gospel through the medium of music is that the Lord has raised up THE FOX FAMILY to sing His praises and gently call hurting people to a healing Jesus Who can tenderly take their sins, their dysfunctionalism, and their burdens upon Himself ... if they will but respond to His Invitation.

    When you were last with us here at Lufkin First Nazarene in May of this year (1999), I sensed the Presence of the Lord more evident and powerful than ever through your music. Many seekers received miraculous Touches from the Holy Spirit, and one man in particular, the healing of cancer. To God be the glory!

    We look forward to the day when you return to our congregation to be used again of our Lord. Blessings continued, Paul, Patty, and family, as you travel from Spirit-led opportunity to opportunity! Please stay in touch ... we enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for your prayers, and rest assured you remain in ours.

    In Christ Agape,


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  • Valley City Nazarene Church
  • 913 Riverview Dr.
  • Valley City, ND. 58072
  • Ronald A. Keysor, Pastor
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  • To Whom It May Concern,

    On Sunday night our congregation, along with the community, was treated to a wonderful ministry of music by the Fox Family. What is more impressive, however, was the spirit with which it was given.

    From the very first contact with this family I was impressed with their professionalism. That has since been replaced with a greater awareness and respect for their love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That love and sweet spirit manifested itself in a wonderful blend of music.

    After the service they were gracious enough to allow us to spend time with them at a local eating place. Getting to know them personally was as pleasurable as listening to them professionally.

    Without any hesitation I would heartily recommend the Fox family to you. Their ministry in song is top rate, but more importantly, their motive for singing is founded securely an Jesus Christ.

    In His Name only,

    Pastor Ron Keysor

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  • Lincoln First Nazarene
  • 1901 South 70th Street
  • Lincoln, NE. 68506
  • Rod Thelander, Pastor
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  • Dear Brother Paul,

    Greetings and grace to you in the precious name of Jesus! Thank you for your letter of July the 9th regarding your ministry here at Lincoln First Church of the Nazarene.

    I just want you to know that we really appreciate the spirit of your ministry. God flows through you and your family both in the music as well as in the testimonies. I appreciate the clear message of holiness that you share - and it is communicated in such a loving and attractive way! May God continue to bless and use you as you serve Him and His people! Have a great day!

    Yours in Christ,


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  • Motgomery Place Church Of God
  • 3601 Montgomery Blvd. NE.
  • Albuquerque, NM. 87109
  • Marvin Sanders, Pastor
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  • Dear Christian Co-Laborer:

    Pastors get many letters of request for Traveling Singing Groups desiring to hold concerts.

    If I do not know a group, I generally trash It..... The Letter from the Fox Family came and I almost did the same.... But the Lord spoke to me and impressed me to schedule a concert with the Fox Family.... And am I glad I listened to the Lord.

    In 31 years of ministry, l have had many groups, good and not so good.... The Fox Family rates in the upper 5% of the best groups we have ever had in our churches.

    This family is not only very talented, but more importantly, they are Spiritual... How refreshing to hear them stressing Sanctification and Total Commitment.

    Our Church members here in Albuquerque said to me: "This is the best group we have ever had."

    The service was anointed by the Lord, and most of our folks were at the altar at the close of the service... Some realy wonderful things happened...

    So, I highly recommend the Fox Family without any moments hesitation. We will have them back whenever they are in this area.

    Sincerely in Him,

    Marvin S. Sanders

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  • First Church Of God
  • Rt. 4 Box 150
  • New Smithville, Hwy.
  • McMinnville, TN. 37110
  • Rex Boles, Pastor
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  • Dear Fellow Pastor:

    My first reaction to Dr. Fox's letter was to trash it; however, he made a statement that grabbed my attention. He said, "The Holy Spirit is leading us to be in concert with you at McMinnville First Church Of God.". I stopped, reread, thought introspectively and concluded, "If the Holy Spirit is leading Dr. Fox, I must not get in God's way." And sure enough, the Holy Spirit was leading - because we had an old-fashioned, Holy Spirit time in the Lord.

    The Fox Family was unlike anything we had experienced previously. We expected a gospel singing, but instead we were subjected to a ministry that went further than song. It became a thought provoking time for many of us - at a time when we begin to get answers to our own needs. It was a time of renewal, commitment and rededication as people begin to come to the altar weeping before God.

    I guess a press release best sums it up, "The music of the Fox Family defies categorization except to say it's God's music."

    Your Brother-in Christ,

    Rex Boles

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  • Martin Street Church of God
  • 148 Glenwood Avenue, S.E.
  • Atlanta, GA. 30312
  • Elder Manuel Holston, Pastor
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  • Dear Dr. Fox:

    I bring special greetings from Martin Street Church of God!

    Bro. Fox words can not express how you and your family blessed our hearts during your visit last year. It was joy abound with the presence of the Lord embracing each of us in a special way with the sweet annointing of the Holy Spirit. Your family sang out with praises unto the Lord bringing tears to those present. Oh, what a magnificent way to serve the Lord!

    We know that in all things, give thanks unto God for He has poured His spirit upon your family with the ministry of worship and praise. A family that shares its' life long experiences and heartfelt trials, yet shows "Victory in Jesus" as well as divine love for those that come in contact with you.

    Martin Street was especially blessed during our Sunday Worship Service. Many within the congregation recommitted their lives to Christ under the annointing while your family were ministering in song and praise. The word came forth like a renewing of the Holy Spirit within our hearts. God sent His wonderous word through your family to heal the broken hearted while breaking the chains of bondage. Faith and hope was restored under His wondrous power through your prayers with the sweet Spirit of praise.

    It is our pray that you will return to Martin Street again and again to bless our hearts. We will continue to pray for your family to prosper and be in good health.

    Your Brother In Christ,

    Manuel Holston

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  • Houston First Church Of God
  • 14400 Northwest Freeway
  • Houston, TX. 77040
  • Don Bergstrom, Pastor
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  • Dear Friend:

    I would like to recommend to you the Fox Family Singers! They have ministered in three congregations I have served over the past sixteen years, and we have never been disappointed!

    The Fox Family does not entertain - they minister! Just recently they were with us in Houston on a Sunday morning. About ten minutes into the service they opened up the altars. Throughout the rest of the morning people were coming and going to our altars, seeking forgiveness, salvation, healing and sanctification.

    These are godly people - with a holiness message that is uncompromising and relevant. Their message and their music were received with gladness by our congregation.

    I love their offering philosophy: if God is moving and an offering would seem out of place, don't worry about it! God has honored that - and our congregations have always responded with a generous love gift.

    Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions. I would encourage you to invite them to minister to your people.


    Pastor Don

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  • Clearwater-Largo Free Methodist Church
  • 380 Fulton Dr. SE
  • Largo, FL. 33771-2658
  • Grant G. Shenker, Pastor
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  • Warm greetings from the sunny South!

    I am happy to write you this note of thanks for your ministry here in the Clearwater Largo Free Methodist Church. For months we anticipated your arrival and felt as though your concert was a perfect finish to our Family Life Weekend last month.

    Your concert was refreshing, inspirational and a marvelous witness to all who attended. I can 't ever remember seeing such a positive Christian witness that touched all age groups. The style of your music reached our blended audience well. The simple fact that your family is blessed with such a range in age is a real plus when You are attempting to minister to a variety of age groups.

    Also, we were so impressed by your character and careful attention to every detail in the Lord's work. Beyond your "concert presence", Your family gave exemplary evidence of Christian grace. From your preparations well in advance of your ministry here, the concert itself, to your interaction with our congregation over the weekend, we were truly blessed to have you with us.

    Please remember that our doors are open to you and your family - should you need to experience the warmth of the Florida climate sometime in the future, why not plan another ministry concert in Clearwater

    God's best to you folks - may God continue to bless your ministry

    Basking in the Son,


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  • Evangelical Methodist Church
  • 820 Okisko Road
  • Elizabeth City, NC. 27909
  • Alden Winslow, Minister of Music
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  • Dear Mr. Fox,

    Having the Fox Family in our church was one of the highlights of our year. We had excellent attendance for the concert and the Holy Spirit descended upon the place. Your voices were well blended and the response during the final invitation was tremendous. God really worked in many lives. Thank you for being obedient to God in ministry.


    Alden Winslow

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  • Nash Road Free Methodist Church
  • 958 Nash Road
  • North Tonawanda, NY. 14120
  • Richard Ireland, Sr. Pastor
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  • Dear Fox Family:

    I just want to share with you how much I appreciated the way your family ministered to our church this past June- The music and the message were very inspirational. We had a number of people come to the altar and I believe the Lord used you to challenge several of the people in our congregation to take seriously the need to move into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Several months later I continue to see the fruit

    May God Bless,

    Richard Ireland

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  • Tonawanda Free Methodist Church
  • 207 Grove Street
  • Tonawanda, NY. 14150
  • Donald L. Mohr, Pastor
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  • Dear Dr. Fox,

    I thank God for the ministry of you & your family. You truly had "something for everyone" and our church has quite a wide variety of musical tastes! I can recommend "The Fox Family" without any reservation whatsoever. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone considering hosting you at their church, and I would be most happy to speak with anyone directly who might have questions about your time with us here in Tonawanda . My office phone number is above.

    God's Blessings on you all,


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  • Mapleview Free Methodist Church
  • 9525 Maple Street
  • Omaha, NE. 68134
  • Brad Potter, Assistant Pastor
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  • Brother Paul,

    Time has passed quickly since you and your family visited us on October 12. Before any more time passes, I want to tell you how very much we appreciated your ministry here. Your family's musical skill is exceptional. We all were impressed by your abilities. But your ministry goes much deeper than mere musical talent.

    Your message about holy living is so needed today. Broken people need to hear the whole gospel.

    As a pastor who believes and teaches the transforming power of God in Christ, I was so pleased that you emphasized God's call to new life and new living. You reminded us that salvation in Jesus Christ is complete - changing us in every way. We are not only saved from sin; we are freed to live a Godly life. Thank you for proclaiming this powerful truth so effectively. You may have noticed that I came forward at the close of the service. I was so refreshed and challenged by your message that I simply had to respond. So I add a very personal "thanks" for your ministry to me.

    Some of our youngest people also responded. My son (age 7) was one of them. He came to the altar very seriously wanting to follow Jesus more than ever before. It was an important moment in his life, and consequently in mine. I thank God for every evidence of His work in the lives of my family and church family. Your ministry gave cause for thanks.

    I heard only positive comments from all who attended your concert. Your music selection was great. Your considerate presentation was right on target. Your interaction with us was warm and sincere. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you and benefit from your ministry again.

    Warm regards to your entire family. May God continue to bless you and your service him.



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  • Conley's United Methodist Church
  • 22150 Robinsonville Road
  • Lewes, DE. 19958
  • Ellen Walker, Spiritual Program Director
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  • Dear Dr. Paul and Family,

    It is difficult to put into words how your musical message and your personal tesimonies touched us at Conley's Chapel. We came anticipating a wonderfully spiritual musical experience. We came prepared to hear praises sung and to have our own hearts lifted as we joined you in the praise of our God and our King. We came prepared to see and hear people with a God given talent using it to praise our Lord and Savior. We were not prepared for the outpouring of the Spirit that many of us felt that night. Christ was present in that sanctuary.

    We saw, not just one or two members of a musical group, but an entire family who devotes its whole life to carrying the message. What struck me most personally was that you are real people. You have faced real problems. You have had your ups and downs and your faith is strong. By your example you said to us "you can have it too" You helped people without faith to experience faith. You helped people with a weak faith to strengthen their faith and you reinforced the faith of the faithful.

    Thank you for what you did for us and for what you are continuing to do for the kingdom. My prayer for you and your family is for God to protect you and strenghten you as you travel His earth sharing His word through music and testimony.

    Love in Christ,

    Ellen Walker

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  • Pilgrim Wesleyan Church
  • 805-A S.E. Front St.
  • Milford, DE. 19963
  • Jerry W. McCormick, Pastor
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    In May of 2002, we were honored to have the Fox Family in concert with us. What a wonderful way to share God's blessings with one another. A wonderful spirit was In the church. God blessed our hearts in a great and mighty way.

    The Fox Family were a real blessing to us and we are so thankful God sent them our way.

    Thanks again and may God continue to bless your ministry and your family in the days ahead as you serve Him. What a wonderful God we servel

    God Bless-In Christ,

    Jerry McCormick

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  • Living Water Wesleyan Church
  • 11120 S.W. Hwy. 484
  • Dunnellon, FL. 34432
  • Dale E. Travis, Sr., Pastor
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  • Dear Brother Fox:

    I want to thank you and your family for your ministry of music in Living Water Wesleyan Church. I found the concert you presented to be a truly inspiring and God honoring worship experience. I have heard nothing but favorable comments from the congregation. It is my sincere hope that you let me know when you and your family will be back in Florida. I would love to reschedule you in our church.

    I want you to know that you have my permission to use me as a reference. I will gladly recommend your ministry to anyone who may be interested in a God-anointed music ministry for their church.


    Dale E. Travis, Sr.

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  • Westminster Wesleyan Church
  • 311 North Piedmont St.
  • Westminster, SC. 29693
  • Dwight Johnson, Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Brother Paul,

    Your family ministry was great! I'm really not a fan of Southern Gospel music. I am of results, three sanctifications. Praise God! Y'all can come anytime.

    I was re-elected March 2nd for four more years. You have an open invitation to come anytime while I am here. The people really enjoyed you. Pattie's testimony and message on holiness was great! The local Nazarene pastor, Tommy Baltzegar is mad at me for not telling him you were coming. Maybe next time.

    Give greetings to all.

    In Him,

    Pastor Dwight Johnson

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  • Houlton Wesleyan Church
  • P.O. Box 1146
  • Houlton, ME. 04730
  • Wayne Robertson, Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Dr. Fox

    Greetings in our Saviors love.

    Just a short note to again thank you for including our church in your tour through Maine. What an exceptional ministry you brought and an anointed service we shared together. Thank you for your servants heart and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. We were blessed to have you and your family minister for the Lord as He did a great work in many lives.

    We realize it may be a ways off, but please also consider this an invitation for the next time you are up this way. Our people have already said "bring them back", and I believe we would love to have your family back for another time of ministry. As you plan the schedule please be sure to include us on the list..

    Thank you for your ministry. We look forward to being together again.

    In His Service


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  • Asbury Wesleyan Church
  • 605 Harpersville Road
  • Newport News, VA. 23601
  • Hal G. Robbins , Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Brother Paul:

    It was good to hear from you. I am delighted and rejoice with you that God continues to bless the ministry of the Fox family.

    We appreciated your ministry at Asbury Wesleyan Church. Our people enjoyed the music very much. You brought a spirit of worship to the service. I appreciated your emphasis on holiness in your message. People across the holiness denominations need to hear the message.

    God bless you and your family as you faithfully minister to churches across the nation.

    In His Service,

    Hal Robbins

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  • First Assembly of God
  • 1492 Silver Lane
  • East Hartford, CT. 06118
  • Terry Wiles, Senior Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Dr. Fox,

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    What a time of blessing we had with you back in August. We have heard so many testimonials about the time you spent with us and how much your ministry has touched people's lives.

    It was so exciting to see a family who loves God share from their hearts. One of the most exciting parts of the service was when the children shared. They truly have a gift from God and use their talents to glorify Him. It is great to see the Lord's Spirit work through even the youngest.

    We had such a wonderful time with you and your family and look forward to hearing from you soon. May God continue to bless you all as you minister to others.

    All for souls,

    Terry Wiles

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  • First Assembly of God
  • 1759 West Broadway
  • Anaheim, CA. 92804
  • Darell Owens, Pastor
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  • Dear Fox Family

    You were a wonderful blessing to our church last night! Your music was great and your ministry was sincere and from the heart. What a joy to see a family working together.

    It is refreshing to have annointed ministry not tainted by self serving demands or commercial attitudes. We sensed that your purpose is to serve the Lord with gladness. You truly have a servant's heart. We appreciate that.

    You are always welcome at Anaheim Assembly. We look forward to having you back again.


    Pator Owens

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  • First Assembly of God
  • 3435 Santa Maria Way
  • Santa Maria, CA. 93455
  • Robert E. Palmer, Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Fox Family:

    Greetings in Christ our Lord! It was a real priviledge to have you as our guest for our midweek family night service.

    I believe that everyone that was present was blessed and inspired by the singing of all of you. Your low key approach to the sale of tapes and total trust in the Lord for the offering was an example of faith.

    We would be glad to have you be with us again sometime in the future.

    Your family is a shining example of what can be accomplished when members of a family love the Lord and serve Him with unity.

    May God Bless you and continue to use you for His Glory.

    In Christian Service,

    Robert Palmer

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  • Hickory Hills Worship Center
  • P.O. Box 606
  • Alabaster, AL. 35007
  • Don Jeffers, Pastor
  • View picture of letter (takes longer to load)
  • Dear Brother Paul,

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    I wish to thank you on behalf of Hickory Hills Worship Center for providing for us such a spiritual lift in the church's life. Though you and your family have only been here twice to minister, already the church people are asking and anticipating your return. Praise the Lord!

    Your family is meeting a great need within the church - - the renewal of spiritual strength of God's people. We here greatly thank the Lord for your family whose boldness in using the gifts which God has granted you has deeply touched our lives. The ministry of song, testimony preaching and fellowship will have a tremendous impact on people. It already has at Hickory Hills.

    We shall pray for your ministry and safety as you spread the Good News throughout our nation. God bless and please, don't stay away so long this time. We of Hickory Hills love you, our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    In His Service,

    Brother Don

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  • Calvary Christian Center
  • 7141 Stanton Avenue
  • Buena Park, CA. 90621
  • Tony Roberts, Pastor
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  • Dear Paul,

    Greetings from Southern California.

    It was a joy to have you and your great family, here at Calvary Christian Center, last March. We so much enjoyed the precious anointing of the Holy Spirit that is manifest as you minister.

    Your children are a particular joy! How marvelous that they all minister, along with you and Pattie, with an evident sincerity and sensitivity to the Spirit's moving. Their musical abilities, both vocal and instrumental, are superb. The world does not have all the talent, does it? Praise the Lord!

    We pray that God will continue to pour out His best upon you as you continue to minister for Him.


    Tony Roberts

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  • Bernardo Christian Center
  • Bernardo, CA.
  • Gary Bauer, Pastor
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  • Dear Fox Family

    Truly, what a precious family and such a delight not only "off stage", but when ministering for the Lord as well.

    We were so pleased and "surprised" to hear such quality ministry come forth from every member of your family. Not one heart was left untouched as each one took turns giving their testimony and participating through song.

    We definitely want to have you come back again and again. Let us know when you're in the area... We love you all very much.

    God richly bless you each and every day.

    Gary and Judy

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  • Evangel Tabernacle
  • Fresono, CA.
  • Cecil O. Branson, Pastor
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  • Dear Fox Family:

    Greetings in the Wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

    It was such a pleasure to have your fine family come to the Tabernacle and Minister unto us!!! You were all such a blessing!

    In the weeks that have followed since your service with us (I certainly do not choose to call it a "concert") there have been many who have expressed their desire to have you return. The door is always open for your fine family to be with us!

    Since we video-taped the service, we have been able to share the ministry; as an "encore" to those who were present, and for the first time unto those who were un-abe to attend! Having re-lived the service more than once, I can say that it continues to be a blessing!

    May God Richly Bless your every endeaver for Him!

    For the Master,

    Cecil Branson

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